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At Faith Financial, we implement the use of annuities in order to insure our client’s money against loss.
Annuities are an insurance product, and if used correctly, may bring a better return than other investment options.
There are different types of annuities and different ways to structure them. All annuities have basically two safeguards in common:
  • All annuities will bypass probate

    It will not be subjected to any probate court proceedings upon death of the owner and it will go directly to the named beneficiary chosen.

  • All annuities grow tax-deferred

    What this means is that you are receiving compounding interest without ever paying tax until money is withdrawn from the annuity.

In a bank CD, for instance, the owner typically has to pay taxes on his or her gains each year. The owner would have to be making a much higher percentage rate on the bank CD to remain competitive with the typical performance seen in annuities.

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The two types of annuities we work with most often are fixed annuities and indexed annuities.
  • Fixed Annuities

    are very similar to bank CDs except that annuities have the additional safety benefits. Annuities typically have higher interest rates than a traditional bank CD. A fixed annuity has a fixed interest rate for a period of time. Sometimes you can receive an additional bonus rate the first year as well. Most importantly, unlike bank CDs (in most circumstances), fixed annuities are not subjected to any probate court proceedings. The funds are sent directly to the beneficiary of the annuity upon the owner’s passing.

  • Equity Indexed Annuity

    is a little more complex but is great for someone who wants to take part in the gains of the market without the risk of loss. Most Equity Indexed Annuities (EIAs) follow the S&P 500. The annuity money is not actually invested in the market, but rather, it follows the index gains in the market. An EIA also has a base rate (guaranteed minimum) which is a guarantee that the client will not make less than a certain amount even if the market goes down. Usually the guaranteed minimum is between 0 and 1%. An EIA holds the same protective features as traditional annuities.

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